Christmas Party Security

Spartan Security provide smart, professional, SIA licenced Door Supervisors to cover your christmas party or event. The benefits of having professional Door Supervisors looking after your christmas party or event are:

Guest List Control

With so much free food and alcohol on offer, gate-crashers can often be a problem at Christmas parties – especially big ones, where they can confound legitimate employees with dubious claims about working in the never-before-heard-of “Manchester office” or “downstairs” in the mysterious world of IT.

Well, scroungers, we’re on to you. By handing over control of your guest list to professional door supervisors, you can be sure that no one who isn’t supposed to be there makes it inside your event. Having professional security on the door also gives the event organiser more time to mingle, and ensures that the entry process is conducted safely and efficiently.

Crime Deterrence

The presence of door supervisors acts as a preventative measure against unwelcome guests, and encourages invited delegates to maintain higher standards of behaviour. This means that any nasty rows, fisticuffs and other disturbances or crimes are less likely to occur – and that everyone gets home in one piece.

Situation Management

Having door supervisors on hand means that harmless games or jokes don’t escalate into anything more serious. Dancing on tables, human pyramids and even swinging from the chandelier – a few drinks can make even the most patently silly things seem like a good idea. But a word in the ear from a door supervisor will usually be enough to bring people back down to earth. With security staff diligently monitoring what’s going on at all times, the chance of any serious accidents happening is significantly reduced.

Rapid Response and Emergency Service Liaison

Door Supervisors are trained to make fast decisions and react quickly. Should an incident occur, trained door staff will make sure that it is dealt with in the most effective and practical manner – this includes alerting the relevant emergency services.

Spartan Security can supply fully first aid- and health and safety-trained security staff who are capable of reacting suitably to all sorts types of incidents. Rather than having to wait for police or medical professionals to arrive, well-trained door supervisors can act as an effective first response should anything go wrong.

Advice and Strategy

The best events are expertly planned, with every little detail being worked out well in advance. Whilst we’ll leave the decoration and music choices to you, we can assist with emergency planning and health and safety compliance before your event takes place. Having good procedures in place means that your event will remain secure and that your guests will remain safe.

To visit our new security website: Spartan Security Guards. If looking for a commercial cleaning service.

Spartan Security are specialist in providing high calibre, reliable and professional SIA Door Supervisors to pubs, nightclubs and licensed premises throughout Warrington, Manchester and the North West. Christmas Party Security.

Spartan 24 Hour Security

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Spartan 24 Hour Security provide Security Guards, Door Supervisors, and Event Security in Warrington, Manchester, Liverpool, North West England and across the UK.

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